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Kevin Devine           

            I have always had a fascination with photography and its ability to capture an emotion, a feeling and a fleeting moment in time allowing the viewer to be transported into a virtual reality simply by viewing a well constructed image. My father was an amateur photographer who dabbled in the darkroom and on occasion with 16mm movie film. I am sure it was seeing his enjoyment of the medium that planted the seed inside of me. My first camera was a medium format Yashica twin lens reflex from the 1950's that belonged to my dad, which he let me use. Those cameras had fixed lenses with an angle of view similar to normal human vision and were totally manual, not even a built in light meter. It was a good camera to get started with as one had to learn the fundamentals of metering and exposure along with such things as composition and use of line in order to make interesting photographs! Things that any photographer worth his/her salt  must know intimately. I grew as a photographer with that camera for several years until unfortunately, one day while I was out shooting a gust of wind blew the tripod over which that camera was sitting on and it fell, rendering it useless. So I moved on to 35mm cameras and associated gear. I still have that Yashica camera today though and keep it as a fond remembrance of my father.

            Sometime later, wanting to have more control over my images, I took a basic B&W photography darkroom course at the New England School of Photography in Boston. It was there while being exposed to the magic that happens in the darkroom and the control that it gives you that I got the inkling to make photography a career. I looked at the schools in the Boston area that offered full time photography studies and settled on The Art Institute of Boston (AIB) and enrolled in their Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a major in Fine Art and Commercial Photography. The AIB environment, being an art school, was a great place to sharpened my skills of capturing the intangible in a photograph, of capturing feeling and stirring emotion in the viewer of my work.  I also learned technical mastery of 35mm, medium format and large format (4x5") view cameras, tungsten and strobe lighting equipment and a million other technical things that only a formal education in photography will teach you. I shoot most things digitally now, but all of that knowledge is directly applicable to working digitally and gives me a deeper understanding and technical finesse that photographers exposed solely to digital capture will never have.  While still in school I began to assist at several commercial photography studios, later opening my own Commercial Photography Studio in Boston.

       In 2009 I started adding High Definition Videography to my repertoire. The new wave of digital DSLRs began adding high quality video features to their stunning still photography capabilities and a new genre "Photo Fusion" was born. Photo Fusion seamlessly combines still images with high quality video and audio into a stunning multimedia presentation that combines the best aspects of  each! I am proud to offer this revolutionary new art form to my clients as well as still photography only services.

  For me, photography is more than a career, it is part of who I am. What I seek in my work is lasting meaning. I have shifted away from commercial photography and have found myself draw to photographing and filming Weddings because of the enduring impact the images have on the lives of my clients. For most people, their wedding day is one of the most important events of their lives! Helping to capture the essence of that day in an artistic and visually striking manner so couples can relive that excitement, anticipation and joy many years after the actual event brings meaning and satisfaction to my work. I have been photographing professionally for over 20 years. I have shot such varied subjects as Fashion, Portraiture, Product, Architecture, Events and Weddings. I also work in the Fine Art Photography genre. I have exhibited at many shows throughout the northeast  and my work is held in a number of private collections.  All of that experience, both technically and artistically, uniquely enables me to capture your wedding day as few photographers could! I welcome the opportunity to be of service in helping to preserve the emotions and memories of your special day so they may be treasured and enjoyed for a lifetime.